The historical town of Fort Beaufort dates back to 1822, with the establishment of a frontier post by Lt. Col Scott. The town was occupied by the British army until 1870.

The town played a very prominent role in the Frontier wars between 1850 and 1853, and there are many relics still to be seen from this period. We have a most interesting museum displaying information about the town's rich historical legacy.

Historical sites to visit:

The Martello Tower which stands in Fort Beaufort, in the Eastern Cape, has been skillfully restored to its original condition, and is one of only two Martellos in South Africa. The other is located in Simonstown. Fort Beaufort's Martello is unique in that it is one of only two of its kind in the world, which are not situated along the coast.

The Fort Beaufort Officers’ Mess, a single storey-building with a corrugated iron roof, was originally constructed in about 1830. It served as an officers’ until 1882 when it was transferred to the Cape Government. Thereafter it was used as a school until around 1938 when it was turned into a museum and declared a national monument. Among the exhibits is the old 45th milestone from the old military road linking Grahamstown and Fort Beaufort.